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The Singleton 12 year, 40%

colour: copper.

nose: gentle sherry, oak, vanilla, malt, apple, grape.

palate: sweet, some spice developing.

finish: sweet gentle sherry, oak, vanilla, apple/grape, soft spice/cinnamon, malty, short/medium finish.

notes: well balanced, decent flavour, not very complex though for the price ($49 in BC), this is a good whisky.


Crown Royal Black  45%

colour: burnt amber/mahogany

nose: vanilla, oak, demurra sugar, molasses, caramel, red fruits – apple, plum, grape.

palate: sweet, oak and gentle spice.

finish: sweet caramel, molasses, demurra sugar, big oak, vanilla, ginger spice, charcoal smoke.

notes: quite smooth for 45%, flavours are good, decent balance, has bourbon-like qualities with the influences from the wood. Worth a try for sure, a good addition to the Crown line-up.

Highland Park 15 yr.   43%

colour: dark honey

nose: sweet honey, peat, gentle background smoke, vanilla, oak, cinnamon, soft fruit- apple, grape, plum, attractive.

palate: sweet with some spice building up.

finish: very sweet honey, peat,  big oak, vanilla, cinnamon, soft fruits, gentle smoke. decent balance.

notes: a decent whisky and one to try though for my money I’d stay with the 12 yr., and if wanting a treat, move up to 18 or 25.

Edradour 12 years, 46%, Caledonia selection.

colour: dark amber.

nose: sherry, sweet fruit basket: apples, pear, red grapes, peach, fig, dates, soft peat, oak, vanilla, balanced and attractive.

finish: big sweet juicy fruit impact, dry peat/ash, oaky, nutty, vanilla, caramel/toffee, soft smoke background, long dry finish, a touch hot.

notes: nice whisky, good flavours, balanced though a touch hot. Worth trying.

Edradour 10 year, 40%

colour: light gold/honey.

nose: honey, heather, gentle apple, pear, grape. soft peat, vanilla, oak, well-balanced and attractive.

finish: sweet fruits and honey, gentle peat background, oak, vanilla, toffee, soft smoke,  short/medium finish.

notes: a very nice whisky, well-balanced, soft and light flavours, I’d like to try an older Edradour. This whisky is very pleasant and although a bit pricey, give it a go.

Redbreast 15 yr. old
colour: copper
nose: fruit basket of red current, apple, grape, citrus/orange, tangerine, grapefruit, pot still character hard yet refined, gentle barley, soft oak, vanilla, excellent complexity, taste and balance.
palate: soft to start, sweet fruits, spice.
finish: wow….the fruit in this dram is complex and so tasty, it washes over your palate like waves, long finish with a good pot still character. everything in the nose is in the finish in spades.
notes: easily top ten whisky of all time. the fruit, complexity and balance make this an Irish classic. Don’t hesitate, get it if you can, this is excellent whisky and probably the best Irish whisky I’ve ever had. I’d buy it by the case if it were available. 
Connemara 12 yr. old
colour: pale gold.
nose: sweet fruits; banana, peach, grape, apple, peat, honey, vanilla, very soft oak & smoke, very appealing.
palate: coating, sweet
finish: sweet fruits mixing with a vegatle peat, honey, oak, vanilla, caramel, nutty, smoke.
notes: great nose, the peat has a vegatle peatbog aftertaste, good balance. Definately a whisky worth trying.
Stronachie 12 yr.
colour: rich gold.
nose: sweet friuts; dried apricot, peach, grape, warm apple, honey, vanilla, dry peat, nutty, heather, balanced, appealing.
palate: sweet, coating, touch of spice.
finish: quite sweet, fruits, nuts, dry peat, honey, caramel, vanilla, spice, medium finish.
notes: a nice dram. not huge though good flavour, balance, I’ll have another please!
Ardbeg Almost There
distilled 1998, bottled 2007, 3rd release
colour: very pale gold.
nose: gentle citrus/lime blending into the sweet peat and smoke, soft oak, sea spray, integration coming along nicely, attractive, soft nose.
palate: sweet, coating, spice/abv buzz
finish: trademark Ardbeg emerging, citrus/lime integrating with big peat and smoke, salty sea spray, soft oak, vanilla tones, touch of honey & caramel, long finsh, complex and balanced.
notes: this whisky just keeps getting better, no wonder the ‘new’ Ardbeg 10 scores so high (I’m not really that big on markings myself, though I’ve had the new 10 and it’s a stunning dram), this whisky has all the trademarks of the 10, not quite there but then that’s why it’s called….Almost There! Get as many of the series as you can. Well done Ardbeg for a fun look at a developing whisky!
Ardbeg Still Young
Committee Approved, 2nd release, 56.2%
distilled 1998, bottled 2006
colour: very pale gold.
nose: peat, salty sea spray, citrus/lime, smoke starting to join together in classic Ardbeg style, still a little fractured in the nose (it’s STILL young though =oP), oak, vanilla, chalk. I find it attractive, complexity forming.
palate: coating, sweet, peat
finish: quite sweet, peaty, smokey, citrus/lime, oak, vanilla, some spice, long finish, abv is noticeable though not too hot.
notes: just a small sip and you get a big impact, it’s as mentioned; a little fragmented and not as integrated as it will be with further aging though this is still a whopper of a dram, big, powerful, complexity forming and good flavours. Awesome next stage in development.