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Bowmore 17
colour: copperish amber.
nose: peat, sherry, ripe fruits, background smoke, touch of oak, toffee, malty, good balance.
palate/mouth feel: coating, peat, sherry, touch of spice.
finish: peat, sherry, oak, touch of smoke, well integrated, medium finish, fruit, not overly sweet, sherry and oak are present, med-long finish.

notes: lovely nose, finish shows a good presence of wood and sherry. Balance is quite good, not an overly sweet whisky. I could use a touch less wood and a touch more ripe fruit sweetness though first impression is quite good indeed and I may be being picky trying to create the perfect malt! Thumbs up and I’m looking forward to drinking this bottle.

update: this whisky gets better as time goes by, I was being picky it seems as it’s opened up and relaxed a little as time goes by making this a great malt in my books. Big thumbs up, give it a go before it vanishes into travel retail only. (and buy a few bottles as well!!)


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