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Compass Box Peat Monster 46% abv
colour: very, very light
nose: seems subdued for such a big named whisky…. peat, citrus, smoke, malt.
palate/mouth feel: thick, coating then gets lively, taste buds buzz, sweet.
finish: chewy peat, some smoke, sweetness & citrus fruits, malt.

notes: a real marriage between Islay & Speyside….. I wouldn’t call it a ‘monster’ but it is good and interesting….. easy to drink but it does have a little bite on the end…. 46% is good for this whisky IMO….
just started to get into this bottle, it may open up with time…..

edit: this is a nice whisky…. but taking into consideration price, I will say that one should add $3-4 Canadian dollars and buy Ardbeg 10 as it is a better whisky hands down IMHO… (try this at a pub if possible, have a few drams, then decide, otherwise, go Ardbeg all the way!!!)


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