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Connemara Peated Single Malt 40%

colour: light amber.
nose: pears, peaches, banana, fresh malt, peat, hint of smoke, gorgeous.
palate/mouth feel: a little thin, sweet fruit, peat, some background oak.
finish: big juicy peaches turning to pears & banana on a bed of peat, with smoke rolling in at the end.

notes: my first dram, I’m sure I haven’t captured all of what’s going on and impressions may change though the nose is lovely, mouth feel is a bit thin, could use 43% but not bad as is. My very first impression was Glenlivet 12 fruit muscled up, the peach in this seems big and I liked it. There is a nice light peating (compared to Islays malts) and decent smoke in the finish. This is very easy to drink. If you like peach, pear, banana, apple, peat, smoke, give this a go for sure, it’s very good. Thumbs up!
I don’t know what I was expecting going in to this malt but I come away surprised and pleased. 


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