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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Canadian Club Sherry Cask, 41.3% (minimum 8 yrs old)
colour: ruby red amber.
nose: deep heavy sherry, rye, vanilla, touch of oak, ripe red fruits, very light background charring.
mouth feel/palate: thick, semi-sweet, heavy fruit, grain.
finish: heavily sherried, rye bite, sweet, thick, some vanilla, touch of oak, long finish.
notes: bourbon-like; heavy, deep and thick, really big sherry flavour, quite pleasant, with water the mouthfeel lightens up. I think it’s a decent rye blend but needs water if one is going to have a few as it may be a bit heavily sherried for multiple drams. Good effort and a pleasant change from regular C.C.
colour: gentle amber.
nose: big peat, sweet citrus fruits, smokey background, some oak/gentle vanilla, a true smokey Islay.
palate/mouth feel: thick, coating, somewhat sweet.
finish: huge peat, sweet citrus, heavy smokey structure, some oak/gentle vanilla, looong finish.
notes: wow, this is a malt that hits all the notes it wants to. Huge peat, sweet citrus fruits, BIG smokey background, if you search, this malt offers more and more. Enjoy what it has to offer, it’s a malt that you will love or be overpowered by. It’s big and one to try. Two thumbs up!
Ailsa Craig, blend, 40%
colour: deep amber.
nose: caramel/toffee, sherry, juicy fruit mix (apricots, plum, pear, apple), grain, malt, light touch of oak & vanilla, pleasant nose.
palate/mouth feel: coating, sweet, grain bite.
finish: sweet caramel/toffee/sherry/fruit mix, has a heavyness of flavours, some spice, malt, some oak, good but not overpowering grain bite, med-long finish.
notes: interesting flavoured blend, it’s very decent, has enough of a profile to hold ones attention, heavy flavoured, if one is looking for similarities I’d say it’s a cross between Famouse Grouse and JW Red, so if those blends appeal to you, give this a try, thumbs up.
Lagavulin 16, 43%
colour: rich dark amber.
nose: huge peat, deep sherry, ripe red fruits(plums, cherries, apples), smokey background, delicate oak with light vanilla & honey, powerful presence, very attractive.
palate/mouth feel: thick, coating, sweet fruit/sherry/peat.
finish: huge peat, deep rich ripe red fruits/sherry, smokey aftertaste, oak lingers in background, well layered, long finish.
notes: this is a big Islay whisky, as soon as you open the bottle you`ll know it has staying power. Great nose/palate & the finish is superb.  Big peat/sherry dominate yet the subtleties are there. If you are looking for an experience with a `bigboy Islay`, look no further, this whisky delivers! Expensive but well worth the price.
Johnnie Walker Gold Label, 18 yrs., 40%
colour: burnt gold.
nose: delicate malt, soft ripe fruits (apple, pears, hints of orange/citrus), soft warm toffee, vanilla, honey, light background oak, some complexity & very attractive.
palate/mouth feel: thick, coating, sweet malt/fruit.
finish: sweet ripe fruits, good malt, gentle smokey background, light oak/vanilla, soft grain, some gentle spice, warm toffee, honey, med-long finish.
notes: Very nice. The flavours are well integrated. This is a mature whisky. Lovely nose & very good finish. Gentle and bold, this is one to try. Thumbs up, excellent whisky. Pricey but don`t pass this JW up.
Bowmore 15 Mariner, 43%
colour: rich amber.
nose: seaspray, peat, mixed red fruits, some toffee, a little smoke.
palate/mouth feel: thick, sweet fruits, peat thickness, good tongue buzz.
finish: sweet red fruits, peat, some toffee, oak, a touch of vanilla, good tongue buzz, med finish.
notes: interesting flavours, quite tasty, 43% is good for this whisky, keeps ones attention with flavour profile, thumbs up. Some may not like this whisky as it is a bit different in the flavour profile, I enjoy it and recommend one try this malt. It may only be available in travel retail soon, so get yourself a bottle and enjoy.
Dalmore 12,    43%
colour: reddish honey.
nose: ripe red fruits, some oak, malt, a little honey, not too heavy, subtle yet inviting.
palate/mouth feel: semi-thick, sweet and grows lively.
finish: sweet red fruits, some oak, honey, malt, good mouth buzz, med length finish.
notes: decent malt, not big/aggressive/complex, just a pleasant all rounder, good flavours, everyday type of dram at a decent price. The 43% helps lift the finish. Give this malt a try, it’s not overly complex but will please for the price.