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Lagavulin 16, 43%
colour: rich dark amber.
nose: huge peat, deep sherry, ripe red fruits(plums, cherries, apples), smokey background, delicate oak with light vanilla & honey, powerful presence, very attractive.
palate/mouth feel: thick, coating, sweet fruit/sherry/peat.
finish: huge peat, deep rich ripe red fruits/sherry, smokey aftertaste, oak lingers in background, well layered, long finish.
notes: this is a big Islay whisky, as soon as you open the bottle you`ll know it has staying power. Great nose/palate & the finish is superb.  Big peat/sherry dominate yet the subtleties are there. If you are looking for an experience with a `bigboy Islay`, look no further, this whisky delivers! Expensive but well worth the price.

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