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Monthly Archives: November 2007

The Gordon Highlanders (blend) 40%
colour: burnt amber.
nose: malt, grain, rich fruits-plums/apple/peach, oak, honey, vanilla, toffee.
palate: sweet fruits, malt, oak, grain bite.
finish: sweet rich red fruits, malt, grain firmness, oak, vanilla, honey, slightly burnt toffee/caramel, med-long finish.
notes: some complexity, rich red fruits, sweet then the grain firmness rumbles in to balance the sweetness, mellow yet flavourful and quite good for an everyday type of dram. Give this scotch a try.
Catto’s (blend) 40%
colour: gentle amber.
nose: malt, firm grain, honey, very light fruit-apple, peach, apricot, vanilla, soft oak, very delicate nose.
palate: malt, honey sweetness, some grain bite.
finish: honey sweetness, malt & firm grain, light fruits(apple/peach/apricot), oak, vanilla, medium finish.
notes: very delicate nose, quite sweet with honey/light fruit on the finish, grain is firm and crisp. Overall it’s very decent if you are looking for a gentle, honey sweet scotch with a decent grain firmness.
J&B Rare (blend) 40%
colour: pale gold.
nose: malt, grain, very gentle fruits- apple, peach, citrus peel, vanilla, some background oak, very light nose.
palate/mouth feel: some sweetness, malt, grain firmness.
finish: good malt character, grains are firm, very light fruits and citrus peel, vanilla & oak, honey, some light sweetness.
notes: very gentle blend, it’s okay though I prefer more flavour. Drinkable and geared towards those who prefer very gently flavoured, not too sweet scotch.
Yamazaki 18 yr. old, Japanese single malt.
colour: rusted amber.
nose: malty, vanilla, fruity- apples, apricots, peach, grape, some oak, soft leather, sweet, gentle yet full nose, lovely, I could nose this whisky all day.
palate/mouth feel: some sweetness, good tongue buzz developes.
finish: malty, oak, vanilla, big fruit flavours roll in, nice mouth buzz, some sweetness, soft leather/earthy background, gentle yet full flavoured, well balanced, long finish.
notes: wow what a nose, lovely, soft yet full, good mouth buzz, big flavours roll in like waves on the finish. The oak is present but not overwhelming brings good structure to this well balanced whisky. Very nice &  big thumbs up! Pricey but well worth the try. I wish more Japanes malts were available here.
Grants (blend) 40%
colour: lightly rusted amber.
nose: sweet, toffee, gentle malt, grain, light fruit- apple, pear, apricot, peach, vanilla & light oak, distant light smoke, delicate yet pleasing.
palate/mouth feel: some sweetness, grain bite.
finish: fruit sweetness, gentle grain bite, toffee/vanilla/oak follows, slight hints of smoke, grain firmness on a medium finish.
notes: delicate nose is pleasant, quite sweet in the finish, decent light flavours, this is a drinkable blend and the price is affordable. I prefer some other blends though this is a good change and I’ll rebuy once in awhile.
Port Ellen 1982 ‘Pert Mellon’ edition 25 yr. old, from Parkers Whisky
Colour: golden amber.
Nose: peat, light citrus fruits with some mellon in the background, leathery with some tobacco, hints of spice and wood, lovely, complex.
Palate/mouthfeel: thick, coating, very light sweetness.
 Finish: big peat gives way to a good tongue buzz and then a complex mix of light fruits, leather, tobacco, some very gentle oak rise to the surface with big flavour and a long finish. Very lightly dry on the end.
Notes: nose is fantastic, thick on the palate, good tongue buzz, complex and easily drinkable neat, looong finish. Really good, grabs ones attention with waves of flavours. This is big, complex & deep.
BIG thumbs up
(this whisky just recieved a score of 96 from Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2008….. get a copy of this great whisky book at Parkers Whisky along with a bottle of the Pert Mellon before it’s gone!)
Penderyn, Welsh single malt, 46%
colour: light amber.
nose: malt, toffee, refreshing fruit bouquet(citrus, apple, soft plum), floral notes, leather, gentle oak & vanilla, beautifully balanced, attractive.
palate/mouth feel: sweet, malty, good tongue buzz, coating.
finish: malty, sweet fruits, toffee, some oak/vanilla, floral notes, leather, raison, spirity mouth buzz, good integration, long finish.
notes: great nose, spirity mouth buzz at 46% yet it doesn’t overpower the flavours. Very good balance. It’s lighter colour belies the big flavour to come. Very nice whisky indeed. I’d say the only knock is the price tag.
Great presentation package with a very nice whisky makes this one to try (at least once!) for sure.
Thumbs up!