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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Auchentoshan 10 yr. old
colour: amber.
nose: malty, soft fruits-apple, peach, orange, lemon, young oak, vanilla, soft leather, some florals, decent complexity.
palate: sweet malt, gentle tongue buzz, oak.
finish: sweet, malty, soft fruit/citrus, good oak presence, some vanilla, soft leather, florals with a med-long finish.
notes: quite nice, oak is present throughout, attractive nose, some sweetness and good flavour development for this lowland whisky. It’s light yet carries some complexity and decent flavours. Thumbs up and at this price ($55 Canadian) a rebuy.
Eagle Rare 10 yrs. 45%
Single barrel Kentucky straight bourbon
colour: copper penny.
nose: corn sweetness, vanilla, honey, oak, background molasses, fruit- apple, orange, plum, peach, hints of charred wood, soft yet robust & wonderfully blended.
palate: sweet, coating, oak, good mouth buzz.
finish: sweet corn, rye, big vanilla, oak, honey, fruit, background charred wood, molasses, ginger, complex, waves of flavours, very long finish.
notes: a lot of flavours in this bourbon with vanilla and oak at the forefront, beautifully blended, very long finish, excellent bourbon, thumbs up.
Wiser’s Reserve 43%
(Canadian whisky)
colour: burnt gold.
nose: grain, semi-sweet, molasses, red fruit (apple, plum), wood/vanilla/honey, not overly big, some complexity.
palate: sweet, grain, red fruit.
finish: rye, molasses, red fruits, some oak, vanilla, touch of honey, semi-sweet with concentrated flavours, long finish.
notes: nose isn’t overly big, finish holds concentrated flavours with rye and molasses taking center stage. This is a decent whisky and I’ll consider rebuying it from time to time despite my preference for scotch. Thumbs up.
Tamdhu 40%
(speyside single malt)
colour: slightly rusted amber.
nose: malty, sweet ripe apricots, apple, peach, toffee, medium sherry, oak, vanilla, honey, a touch floral, decent complexity.
palate: sweet fruits, malty, decent tongue buzz.
finish: malty, sweet, fruit, oak, vanilla, honey, toffee, some dry sherry, florals, hint of background smoke, med-long finish.
notes: sweet and malty, quite a lot going on flavour-wise, great price for this malt ($40 Canadian). If you are looking for decent flavour, some sweetness, then try this whisky, price is right and it gets a thumbs up.