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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Smokehead 43%
Islay Single Malt bottled by Ian Macleod Distillers
colour: medium gold.
nose: big peat, iodine, smoke, very fruity-lemon, orange, apple, toffee, sherry notes in the background, sea spray, oak, vanilla, complex, very attractive.
palate: coating, peaty, salt, tongue buzz.
finish: big helping of peat & iodine, sweet fruits, salty sea spray, toffee, sherry notes, oak, vanilla, tar, seaweed, brine, smokey finale, long finish.
notes: very interesting, big peat & iodine with a good mix of other flavours, some shy, some not. Complex, big initial impact then trails off to the smokey death only to come back and linger by the sea.
This could fall under the ‘love it or hate it’ banner but whatever you do, try it!
Nice packaging with loads of descriptive words that suit the liquid within.
Crown Royal
40% Canadian whisky
colour: copper.
nose: sweet, rye, corn, fruits-plum, apple, apricot, oak, vanilla, honey, caramel, well integrated.
palate: sweet, grain bite.
finish: corn, sweet caramel, fruits, oak, vanilla, honey, some spice, rye/grain, butter, medium finish.
notes: quite sweet, well integrated, if one does not like sweet whisky this won’t be for you, however, if you do, this is quite tastey, affordable whisky.
more fruity and sweetness watered down with ice/water.
PC 5 Evolution
Port Charlotte 5
Cask strength 63.5%
colour: gentle amber.
nose: big peat, sweet citrus, smoke, oak, vanilla, salty, tar, ocean breeze.
palate: coating, big tongue buzz, sweet, peaty.
finish: quite sweet, big peat, citrus, oak, tar, smoke, salt, vanilla, well balanced, long finish.
notes: lovely, young, big & aggressive, very good whisky for a peat freak and drinkable neat.
thumbs up.
Auchetoshan Three Wood
colour: dark copper.
nose: malt, rich ripe red fruits-plum grape, apple, raisin, oak, vanilla, deep & rich, attractive.
palate: sweet fruit, oak, tongue buzz.
finish: big ripe red fruits, sweet raisin, good oak structure, vanilla, some spice, good balance, long finish.
notes: very good whisky, rich flavours, good balance, easy drinking.
Glen Scotia 1991
Murray McDavid
colour: light gold.
nose: malty, dusty apricots, oak, vanilla, light fruits, very gentle, pleasant.
palate: sweet, coating.
finish: malty, sweet dusty apricots, light fruits, oak, vanilla, medium finish.
notes: first impression is an okay whisky, light flavours, decent balance, ABV 46% is noticeable, perhaps an aquired taste though not bad in my books.
Crown Royal Cask 16
Cognac finished Canadian whisky
colour: burnt amber.
nose: rye, corn, sweet fruits-orange, apple, grape, floral, caramel, oak, vanilla, decent complexity in the nose.
palate: sweet, semi thin, good tongue buzz.
finish: rye, corn, sweet fruits, floral, oak, vanilla, caramel, spice, medium-long finish.
notes: decent whisky, a bit odd, quite sweet & floral, good complexity. Not a whisky I’d buy at it’s price point though some may enjoy it.
Armorik Whisky Breton
French Single Malt, 40%
colour: gold.
nose: malty, very fruity- peach, apple, pear, big vanilla, background oak, caramel, floral notes, vanilla, young yet decent.
palate: coating, sweet fruits.
finish: very sweet fruits, malt, big vanilla, oak, some spice, medium finish, flavours start big yet fade away quickly.
notes: very sweet & fruity, starts big yet fades away quickly, then lingers, not bad though must enjoy very sweet, fruity whisky.
Glenlassaugh Old Malt Cask 27 yr. old Douglas Laing
Distilled 1978, one of 213 bottles, single cask, 50%
colour: rich gold.
nose: malty, gentle fruits- peach, pear, apple, citrus, grape, good oak presence, vanilla, big ABV, gentle floral notes, honey.
palate: sweet, coating, tongue buzz, malty.
finish: good malt, sweet fruits, good oak background, vanilla, floral, honey, tongue buzz, large bite mid palate, spice, citrus rinds, medium-long finish.
notes: quite good flavour, big ABV neat, wood shows it’s age, nice yet pricey.
Balvenie Port Wood 1993
colour: rusted amber.
nose: big red fruit-apple, grape, plum, raisin, red wine/port, malt, gentle oak background, vanilla, honey, sweet, attractive.
palate: coating, sweetness developing, decent tongue buzz.
finish: very sweet red fruits, port wine, gentle malt, oak, vanilla, honey, heavy flavours, long finish.
notes: very nice, an after dinner malt, sweet, heavy flavours, good balance.
Glendronach Original 12 yr. old
colour: burnt gold.
nose: malty, good fruit-pear, apple, peach, sherry, thread of peat, oak, vanilla, dates, marzapan.
palate: coating, sweetness developing.
finish: lovely fruit basket impact, malt, some spice, oak, vanilla, smooth with a bit of a bite on the death, medium finish.
notes: good fruit, flavourful, not a lot of depth and finish, sweet. An every day type of dram. For the price, this is decent whisky.