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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Special Old
Hiram Walker rye whisky 40%
colour: copper.
nose: sweet caramel/toffee, rye, grain, oak, vanilla, red fruit-plum, grape, apple, pleasant.
palate: sweet, grain bite.
finish: sweet caramel/toffee, grain grip, fruit, charred oak, molasses, vanilla, medium finish.
notes: a sweet whisky, charred oak seems big on finish, nose is pleasant, decent, affordable Canadian whisky.
with ice- lighter fruits are released, this is okay on the rocks, better than neat IMO
Laphroaig 10 yr. old
colour: rich gold.
nose: malty, medicinal, peat, big sea breeze, sweet, background smoke, oak, vanilla, gentle light fruits- peach, grape, apple, light brine & seaweed, complex & attractive.
palate: coating, sweet, smoke, tongue buzz develops.
finish: sweet fruits, malt, peat, oak, vanilla, like standing on the very edge of the sea & a big salty sea breeze flows into your mouth, gentle smoke in the background, long finish.
notes: excellent whisky, big flavours of the sea, complex and one of the great Islay malts available at a good price. One may love it or hate it though you must try it, it’s simply a treat. Big thumbs up.
Wilson & Morgan Caol Ila 15 yr. 55%
colour: pale amber.
nose: huge peat, some smoke, gentle background fruit, leathery, lovely impact.
palate: coating, peat, gentle fruit sweetness.
finish: dry, peat, smoke, light fruits, big and packed together, very nice, long finish.
notes: 55% is big but it’s very drinkable neat. Huge Islay peat, seaside, earthy, really good. Tip of tongue buzz at finish. Thumbs up to the flavour profile.  A bit pricey at $120 Canadian, that’s the only reason I wouldn’t re-buy….. then again, if you are flush, go for it. 
Wilson & Morgan Aberlour Rum Finish 46%
colour: gentle amber.
nose: light fruits, oak, vanilla, malt, quite light.
palate: sweet, coating, fruits, wood (oak).
finish: good light-fruit basket impact with very slight rum wood holding the structure of the flavour profile (did I write that? sheesh, only had 5 before this one at the tasting!), dry, oak, 46% is perhaps a bit big for such gentle flavours.
Not bad, a bit pricey in my neck of the woods, I’d easily purchase many other whiskies before buying this one.
Whisky Breton (French blend) 40%
colour: amber.
nose: light, gentle fruit, oak, a bit of malt and grain.
palate: light, some fruit sweetness, grain, toffee hints.
finish: grain, oak, vanilla, gentle fruit, somewhat dry, a little off balanced, some toffee, medium length.
notes: for a blend it’s not too bad, a bit unbalanced, grain & malt fight it out, interesting profile though there are many different blended whiskies that I’d buy again before this one.
Auchentoshen 25 yr. Old Malt Cask 1978, 50%
colour: gentle amber
nose: malt, light fruits/pear, apple, grape, some peach, oak, vanilla, hints of fennel, attractive.
palate: sweet, lively, fruits.
finish: good balance, flavours (see nose), has nice intensity, easy to drink at 50%, med-long finish, mouthfeel becomes juicy.
notes: very nice whisky, expensive but enjoyable.