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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Buffalo Trace
(Kentucky straight bourbon)
colour: copper.
nose: sweet corn, charred wood, vanilla, plum, demura sugar, maple syrup, caramel, grape, good complexity and balance, soft yet attractive.
palate: coating, demura sugar, maple syrup, good tongue buzz.
finish: sweet maple syrup/demura sugar/molasses, charred wood, spice, vanilla, corn, plum, liquorice, caramel, a touch bitter, long finish.
notes: quite good, flavourful, well balanced, not overly sweet, good spice. A well made bourbon, give it a try.
With ice; some softer fruit peach/apple come through while spice is reduced, very nice on the rocks.
Wiser’s Very Old 18 yr. old
colour: copper/honey
nose: rye, sweet molasses, demura sugar, light caramel, plum, vanilla, oak, autumn earthiness, decent complexity, attractive.
palate: coating, sweet, grain grip.
finish: sweet molasses, honey, demura sugar, caramel, rye, vanilla, grain grip, oak, autumn earthiness, med-long finish.
notes: very nice, sweet though balanced with grain and wood, this whisky has an earthy quality to it. It’s best neat though over ice it’s still a decent pour to enjoy. If you are looking for a decent Canadian whisky, give this a try.
Glenmorangie Nectar D’or
colour: gentle amber.
nose: very light fruit-peach, apple, apricot, sweet, some spice, malt, oak, very gentle nose.
palate: coating, sweet.
finish: quite sweet, gentle fruits, oak, vanilla, some dryness, gentle spice, medium finish.
notes: gentle nose/ finish is better, abv at 46% helps, quite nice, another summer dram.
Grenore 8yr. old
Irish grain whisky
colour: gentle amber.
nose: grain, gentle fresh fruit-peach, pear, apple, grape, vanilla, some oak, floral, soft toffee, gentle with some complexity.
palate: grain, sweetness, vanilla, oak.
finish: fresh light fruits, sweet, gentle grain bite, vanilla and gentle oak, medium finish.
notes: quite nice, pleasing fresh fruit flavour, some bite at death, decent whisky, perhaps a summer dram.
Douglas Laing Lochnagar 11 yr. old
colour: amber.
nose: malty, vanilla, oak, fruit-grape, peach, apple, apricot, toffee, somewhat woody, a little earthy(mushroom?), demura sugar.
palate: coating, sweetness develops, malty.
finish: sweet gentle fruits, oak is quite big, toffee, vanilla, gentle spice, med-long finish.
notes: decent flavours, higher abv is noticeable, seems a bit too woody, decent complexity, not a favorite of mine, not bad but a little expensive in my neck of the woods and I’ll put my dollars somewhere else.
Bushmill’s 16 yr. old
colour: dark amber.
nose: pot still character, sherry, rich fruit-plum, apple, grape, raisin, vanilla, oak, some toffee, some complexity & attractive.
palate: sweetness develops.
finish: a bit dry, winy, some spice, rich fruits, sherry, vanilla, oak, long finish.
notes: good rich fruit flavour, it is a little dry, Bushmill’s character is evident, quite pleasant. A nice Irish whisky.
Balvenie 12yr. old  Double Wood
colour: copper.
nose: malt, sherry, fruit-plum, apple, apricot, toffee, vanilla, oak, not big but decent.
palate: a little thin, some sweetness develops, spice.
finish: fruits, sherry, toffee, vanilla, oak, some spice, medium finish.
notes: some decent fruit/sherry flavour, it’s an okay whisky, not blown away by it and I may prefer the now discontinued 10 yr. old, though give it a try and see if it ‘does it’ for you.
Crown Royal Limited Edition
colour: copper.
nose: rye, corn, plum, raisin, toffee, vanilla, oak, grape, apple, gentle citrus, slight earthiness, well balanced, attractive.
palate: coating, grain bite, sweetness develops, some spice.
finish: sweet toffee, corn and fruit, vanilla, oak, gentle spice, med-long finish.
notes: quite nice, not as sweet as regular Crown Royal and more flavourful. Good balance and flavour. If you are looking for a Canadian whisky with flavour and some depth, this is a good choice.
Goes well with ice and comes in a fancy bottle to boot! Good whisky and not overly expensive.
Glenmorangie The Lasanta (sherry cask)
colour: copper.
nose: sweet, malty, rich fruit- dark cherry, plum, raisin, apple, figs, apricot, big sherry, almonds, hints of spice, oak, vanilla undertone, good balance & complexity, very attractive.
palate: coating, sweet, tongue buzz, malt, spice.
finish: malty, rich sweet fruits/sherry, some spice, oak, vanilla, nutty, hints of pine, long finish.
notes: very nice, big flavour, sweet, well balanced, underpinning of original Glenmorangie evident, 46% is good for this whisky. Quality whisky, if one enjoys a sherried dram, don’t pass this up.