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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Canadian Club Reserve 10 yr. old
colour: rich copper.
nose: sherry, red fruit-plum, apple, good oak presence, slight vanilla, grain, toffee, cinnamon, light new leather, decent complexity and attractive.
palate: coating, grain grip, sweetness develops.
finish: rich red fruit, sherry, oak, vanilla, cinnamon, gentle grain bite & spice, charred oak, toffee, light new leather, med-long finish.
notes: for $24 Canadian this is quite good. Decent complexity and flavour, smooth enough to drink neat. At this price it gets a thumbs up, give it a try.
With ice, nose disappears, spice decreases though flavour is still decent in the finish.
Wild Turkey 8 yr. old 101 proof
colour: rich mahogany.
nose: sweet corn, rich red fruit-plum, apple, tobacco leaf, molasses, vanilla, charred oak, leather, honey, caramel/toffee, demura sugar, good depth, complex, very attractive.
palate: coating, sweetness develops, spice, fruit.
finish: very sweet corn, spicy, rich red fruit, tobacco, leather, vanilla, maple syrup, charred oak, caramel, molasses, honey, long finish.
notes: very nice, a big whiskey, complex, great depth, sweet and spicy, a lot of flavour. Try this whiskey for sure, big thumbs up. Classic.
Spice is tamed with ice and still the flavours roll on.
Wild Turkey 101
colour: mahogany.
nose: sweet corn, caramel, red fruit-plum, apple, vanilla, oak, demura sugar, tobacco leaf, some leather, honey, good depth, attractive.
palate: coating, a touch dry, spice, sweetness develops.
finish: sweet corn, plum, caramel, maple syrup, demura sugar, vanilla, oak, tobacco, honey, spice, long finish.
notes: a big whiskey, good flavours, warming, can tell the abv is high yet it finishes with a soothing character. Quite good, give this a try.
Gentleman Jack
40% (Jack Daniel’s double filtered)
colour: rich honey.
nose: corn, demura sugar, honey, some grain, vanilla, oak, light banana, very gentle tobacco, caramel, attractive.
palate: sweet maple syrup/demura sugar.
finish: sweet maple syrup, corn, demura sugar, vanilla, oak, spice, gentle tobacco, toffee/caramel, med-long finish.
notes: attractive nose, sweet with gentle yet decent flavours, makes a good sippin’ whiskey, big improvement on standard JD in my books, give this a try.