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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Oban 14 yr. old Distillers Edition
colour: burnt gold.
nose: rich red fruits, sherry, plum, raisin, touch of peat, slight oak backbone, vanilla, toffee, gentle sea-spray, complex, well balanced, very attractive.
palate: sweet, good tongue buzz.
finish: sherry, rich red fruits, gentle peat and sea-spray, malty, vanilla, oak, good touch of spice, toffee, med-long finish.
notes: very nice whisky, good flavours, good balance & complexity. Thumbs up.
Balblair 1989
colour: pale gold.
nose: sweet light fruit basket, malty, gentle oak, vanilla, light honey, some complexity, attractive though light nose.
palate: sweetness develops, a touch dry.
finish: sweet light fruit, citrus, malty, some spice, oak, vanilla, honey, medium length.
notes: quite nice, gentle, some complexity, a good whisky, a bit too pricey in my neck of the woods. Give it a try if you can get it at a decent price. I enjoyed this though for the dollars it costs, one could get something even better like Talisker 18.
Tullibardine 1988
colour: amber.
nose: mixed light fruit basket, gentle oak, malt, slight rubber/plastic.
palate: coating, sweetness develops.
finish: light fruit basket, some spice, vanilla, oak, malt, slight rubber/plastic aftertaste, medium finish.
notes: a little ‘hot’, gentle flavours, a bit of a strange, lingering rubber/plastic taste on the finish. It’s a decent whisky though not on my buy list. Give it a try if you come across a bottle, judge for yourself.
Stronachie 12 yr. old
colour: light gold.
nose: light apple, citrus, floral, malt, oak backbone, gentle honey, vanilla.
palate: coating, sweet.
finish: sweet light fruits/citrus, tongue buzz/spice, malt, vanilla, floral, grassy, medium finish.
notes: a bit ‘hot’, decent though not a favorite.
Tormore 12 yr. old
colour: gold.
nose: light exotic fruits/citrus, vanilla, oak, malt, some complexity, light yet attractive.
palate: coating, sweetness develops, good tongue buzz.
finish: quite spicy, light fruits, oak, vanilla, malt, medium length.
notes: a decent whisky, not very big, some complexity, not a favorite though give it a try if you like lighter whisky.
Seagram’s VO
(Canadian whisky)
colour: gold.
nose: sweet fruits- apple, citrus, raisin, sweet caramel/toffee, demura sugar, grain, oak, vanilla, a touch earthy.
palate: sweet, grain grip.
finish: sweet toffee, cocoa, demura sugar, fruit, oak, vanilla, slight bitterness, firm grain, short-medium finish.
notes: not great but not bad. has some flavour and decent balance, I prefer this whisky over ice.
Black Velvet
(Canadian whisky)
colour: rusted gold.
nose: soft, sweet demura sugar, caramel, gentle mixed fruit, background grain and oak, some vanilla.
palate: sweet, touch bitter.
finish: semi-sweet demura sugar, caramel, fruit, low intensity grain grip, charred oak, very slight bitter chocolate, short-medium finish.
notes: soft nose, gentle grain, basic flavours with a slight bitterness in finish. Nothing outstanding, I can see this as a popular mixer as it’s quite reserved and soft as the name implies.
Jack Daniel’s
Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey
colour: rusted gold.
nose: very sweet, demura sugar, maple syrup, charred oak, caramel, vanilla, distinct nose.
palate: sweetness develops, some bitterness.
finish: very sweet demura/caramel/toffee/maple syrup, heavy charred wood, background vanilla, some bitter cocoa, medium finish.
notes: this has a distinct taste, very sweet yet balanced by the heavy charred wood. I’m not a big fan of this whiskey. It’s a big seller and popular in cola though not a re-buy for me.
Ballantine’s Finest
colour: pale gold.
nose: sweet light fruits- apple, peach, pear, grape, thread of peat, firm grain, a touch floral, alcohal noticable.
palate: grain bite, sweetness develops.
finish: firm grain bite, slight background malt, floral, light fruit, hard grape, thread of peat, medium finish.
notes: not my ‘cup of tea’, it improves with water/ice though taken neat, it is a bit odd to me and firm, not a re-buy for me though some may enjoy it, try it, choose for yourself.
Highland Park 18 yr. old
colour: rich amber.
nose: sweet honey, malty, some salt, gentle smoke/peat/spice, slight earthiness, gentle oak, vanilla, well balanced, very attractive.
palate: coating, sweet, salt.
finish: rich complex honey, spice, malty, gentle peat and smoke, oak, long finish, good tongue buzz.
notes: great whisky, excellent flavours and balance. Pricey here in BC but I know I’ll be saving up for a bottle. A must try. Big thumbs up.