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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Bowmore Cask Strength
colour: mahogany.
nose: peat, red fruits-plum, date, raisin, grape, sherry, malt, background oak, slight vanilla, toffee, good smoke, attractive.
palate: coating, alcohol bite, some sweetness.
finish: sweet red fruits/sherry, peat, good gentle smokiness, oak, alcohol bite, med-long finish.
notes: decent cask strength Bowmore, not a deep & complex whisky though it’s basic flavours are there and with water, it’s a nice whisky. (Probably need to add some water otherwise the high ABV burn is there). A good smokey whisky. I’d buy another bottle.
Wiser’s Small Batch
colour: rich gold.
nose: rye/grain, toffee, caramel, dates, apple, vanilla, oak, decent complexity.
palate: coating, sweet toffee, some spice.
finish: sweet rich toffee/caramel, dates, grape, vanilla, slightly charred oak, gentle spice, long finish.
notes: if you like regular Wiser’s, this has much in common, a decent Canadian whisky, has some complexity & depth. It’s sweet and flavours are quite big. Worth a try.