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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Finlaggan Reserve
colour: rich amber.
nose: big iodine, sweet rich peat, big sea spray, good smoke, nutty, bacon.
palate: coating, sweet.
finish: big peat, sweet, good smoke, iodine, decent complexity, med-long finish.
notes: finish starts big, drops off somewhat quickly though very good Islay whisky & well priced. Thumbs up.
Bruichladdich First Growth Range Latour 16yr. old
colour: light amber.
nose: very sweet light fruits-peach, grape, pear, soft oak, vanilla, light honey, very gentle though attractive.
palate: coating, sweet.
finish: light fruits, sweet, some dryness, peat is light, medium finish.
notes: very gentle whisky, a summer dram, decent if that is a style that appeals to you. Interesting styles for these new Bruichladdichs though to be honest, not whiskies I’d go back to. Try them once, make up ones own mind. 
Bruichladdich First Growth Range Yguen 16 yr. old
colour: white wine.
nose: sweet light fruits-peach, pear, grape, banana, vanilla, oak, malt, gentle peat, good balance, gentle yet attractive.
palate: coating, sweet.
finish: sweet light fruits, vanilla, honey, oak, gentle salt & peat, good balance, medium finish.
notes: plesant gentle whisky.
Bruichladdich First Growth Range Margaux 16 yr.
colour: orangey amber.
nose: sweet red wine, fruit-plum, peach, grape, rasin, malt, vanilla, light oak, very gentle peat, decent complexity, attractive.
palate: coating, sweet, dry, spice.
finish: sweet fruits, wine, some dryness, very gentle peat, oak, vanilla, med-long finish.
notes: decent, a touch flat with the winey fruit though it’s okay with decent depth. Perhaps a good whisky for those who love red wine to try.
‘New’ Ardbeg 10
colour: white wine
nose: sweet smokey bacon, peat, iodine, gentle light fruit-lime, gorgeous sea spray, background smoke, very attractive with good complexity and balance.
palate: coating, sweet, peat.
finish: sweet smokey bacon, good peat impact, citrus-lime, iodine, sea spray, long smokey finish.
notes: great balance and complexity, awesome Ardbeg from Glenmorangie group. If you like Islay malts, this is a must try. Two thumbs up.