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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Potters 15 years Plus Century Reserve
colour: pale gold.
nose: sweet light/white fruits- apple, pear, grape, grain, oak, vanilla, honey, gentle caramel, attractive, gentle.
palate: light/fluid, sweet, soft grain grip.
finish: very light sweet fruits, gentle grain, oak, vanilla, soft caramel, gentle chocolate, medium finish.
notes: sweet, lighter styled whisky, decent, worth a shot at price-point ($28 Can.)
Canadian Club 30 yr. old
colour: caramel.
nose: sweet caramel, red fruits- plum, grape, gentle oak background, vanilla, decent complexity and attractive.
palate: some sweetness, gentle grain grip.
finish: sweet caramel and red fruits- figs, raisin, plum, charred oak, vanilla, med.-long finish, a touch hot.
notes: quite good, decent complexity and depth, very pricey though good gift to CC fans.
Penderyn Peated Cask
colour: white wine.
nose: very sweet white fruit- grape, peach, pear, citrus, very gentle peat, oak structure, vanilla, honey, malt, good balance, attractive.
palate: coating, sweet.
finish: very sweet white fruits balanced by a crisp abv (alcohol by volume), honey, leather, oak, vanilla, gentle peat, medium finish.
notes: sweeter fruit than regular Penderyn, very gentle peat, crisp abv noticeable. Decent whisky.