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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Clan Denny 40yr.  44.1%  Grain whisky
colour: med-dark gold.
nose: sweet light fruits- peach, grape, apricot, gentle molasses, caramel, oak, vanilla, grain.
palate: coating, grain grip, some sweetness.
finish: sweet mixed light fruits, caramel/toffee, grain grip, some molasses, med-long finish.
notes: good complexity, mixed fruits are light yet pleasing, abv is noticeable neat, decent for a grain whisky and very nice for 40 years old.
Balvenie Signature 12yr.  40%
colour: honey.
nose: malty, sherry, sweet fruits- mix of white & red; peach, grape, apple, raisin, plum, pear, oak, vanilla, attractive.
palate: semi-thin, coating, sweet.
finish: very nice fruit mix impact, malt, oak, med-long finish.
notes: nice whisky, good flavour- very good mixed fruits, not overly complex though good balance, good every day type of dram.
Sullivans Cove Double Cask    40%
colour: honey.
nose: malt, sweet light fruits-peach, pear, grape, apple, oak, vanilla, light port/sherry/bourbon, attractive with decent complexity.
palate: thin, sweet.
finish: good sweet fruit impact, thin again, malt, oak, med finish.
notes: interesting whisky, good nose, flavours decent, thin and seems a little young, one to try considering it’s an Australian whisky.
George T. Stagg  70.9%
colour: very dark honey.
nose: big corn sweetness, molasses, vanilla, oak, demura sugar, chocolate, coffee, caramel, raisin, abv obviously noticeable yet still very attractive, great balance & depth.
palate: coating, sweet, spice.
finish: HUGE impact-sweet corn & fruits, toffee, caramel, molasses, coffee, chocolate, charred oak, vanilla, spices.
notes; HUGE whisky, very complex, great depth, awesome stuff. big thumbs up.
with water- light fruits(peach/pear) open up.
Glen Elgin 12 yr.  43%
colour: gentle amber.
nose: malt, pear, peach, vanilla, oak, gentle caramel, sherry/raisin.
palate: coating, spicy.
finish: white fruits, touch of sherry, malty, quite spicy, some juiciness, med finish.
notes: good flavour though quite spicy.
Tullamore Dew  40%
colour: light amber.
nose: caramel, pot still character, gentle white fruits- pear, grape, soft peach, melon, oak, vanilla, toffee, new leather.
palate: some sweetness, tongue buzz.
finish: caramel, very sweet fruits, some pot still character, ginger, oak, vanilla, toffee, abv ‘hot’, short-med finish.
notes: sweet & light with some decent pot still character, abv ‘hot’- water helps, nothing great or very interesting.
Clynelish Distillers Edition 46%
colour: deep gold.
nose: malty, sherry, sweet fruits- apple, grape, pear, raisin, date, oak, vanilla/toffee, touch of salt, attractive with some complexity.
palate: coating, sweet, spice.
finish: very big sweet fruits/sherry, gentle peat, ABV is noticeable, spice, med finish.
notes; good nose, good flavours though drops off quickly, decent whisky.
Compass Box Eleuthera 46%
colour: light gold.
nose: peat, gentle light fruits- peach, grape, pear, oak, vanilla, some salt.
palate: coating, sweet, dry, some spice.
finish: good peat impact, sweet light fruits, oak, vanilla, ABV is noticeable, very gentle smoke in finish, med length.
notes; decent whisky, very light fruit yet good peat and sweetness.
Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist 46%
colour: amber.
nose: peat, sea spray, smoky remnants of a bonfire at ocean side, lime, salt, brine, sweet, oak, vanilla, gentle yet with depth, good complexity and balance, attractive.
palate: coating, some sweetness, oak, touch of spice.
finish: peat, sea spray, lime, salt, brine, sweetness, chalk & oak all battle to be recognized, all the while the smoky bonfire blows in the background. long finish.
notes:wow, very good whisky, good flavor, balance and complexity, make sure you get a bottle, thumbs up.
Macallan 1841 replica
colour: rusted amber.
nose: lively citrus, sherry, malt, fruits- orange, apple, lemon, mandarin, pear, hint of raspberry, grape, gentle background smoke, spice- ginger, pepper, gentle vanilla, oak, honey, complex and appealing.
palate: coating, sweetness develops, spice.
finish: fresh sweet juicy fruits, dry sherry, malty, oak, vanilla, spice, gentle tongue buzz, light peat smoke, med finish.
notes: lovely whisky, complex nose, good flavor and balance. thumbs up, get a bottle if you can.