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Glenmorangie Sherry Wood
old style wood finish, 43%
colour: rich gold
nose: sweet sherry, gorgeous fruits; raison, red apple, grape, plum, oak, gentle vanilla, toffee, hints of pine, cinnamon, balanced and very attractive.
palate: coating, sweetness developes, some spice.
finish: delicious fruit flavour, pine sap, oak, vanilla, hints of toffee/caramel, cinnamon, very soft smoke background- almost inperceptable, well balanced.
notes: this is the best of the wood finishes, simply outstanding whisky, called a womens whisky in some cirles but this is what Glenmo is all about; one delicious whisky that is user friendly, well balanced and well priced. This gets a ‘top ten’ for being everything a genuine whisky should be; price, taste and balance. If you see this old style whisky anywhere, buy it by the case.
I’ll say it again; SHAME, & SHAME again for shutting down this whisky. Keep the french names (La Santa etc.) and remake this fantastic product! Shocking how one could change a classic.

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