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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Edradour 12 years, 46%, Caledonia selection.

colour: dark amber.

nose: sherry, sweet fruit basket: apples, pear, red grapes, peach, fig, dates, soft peat, oak, vanilla, balanced and attractive.

finish: big sweet juicy fruit impact, dry peat/ash, oaky, nutty, vanilla, caramel/toffee, soft smoke background, long dry finish, a touch hot.

notes: nice whisky, good flavours, balanced though a touch hot. Worth trying.


Edradour 10 year, 40%

colour: light gold/honey.

nose: honey, heather, gentle apple, pear, grape. soft peat, vanilla, oak, well-balanced and attractive.

finish: sweet fruits and honey, gentle peat background, oak, vanilla, toffee, soft smoke,  short/medium finish.

notes: a very nice whisky, well-balanced, soft and light flavours, I’d like to try an older Edradour. This whisky is very pleasant and although a bit pricey, give it a go.