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Monthly Archives: November 2010

The Singleton 12 year, 40%

colour: copper.

nose: gentle sherry, oak, vanilla, malt, apple, grape.

palate: sweet, some spice developing.

finish: sweet gentle sherry, oak, vanilla, apple/grape, soft spice/cinnamon, malty, short/medium finish.

notes: well balanced, decent flavour, not very complex though for the price ($49 in BC), this is a good whisky.


Crown Royal Black  45%

colour: burnt amber/mahogany

nose: vanilla, oak, demurra sugar, molasses, caramel, red fruits – apple, plum, grape.

palate: sweet, oak and gentle spice.

finish: sweet caramel, molasses, demurra sugar, big oak, vanilla, ginger spice, charcoal smoke.

notes: quite smooth for 45%, flavours are good, decent balance, has bourbon-like qualities with the influences from the wood. Worth a try for sure, a good addition to the Crown line-up.

Highland Park 15 yr.   43%

colour: dark honey

nose: sweet honey, peat, gentle background smoke, vanilla, oak, cinnamon, soft fruit- apple, grape, plum, attractive.

palate: sweet with some spice building up.

finish: very sweet honey, peat,  big oak, vanilla, cinnamon, soft fruits, gentle smoke. decent balance.

notes: a decent whisky and one to try though for my money I’d stay with the 12 yr., and if wanting a treat, move up to 18 or 25.