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Ardbeg Very Young
distilled 1998, bottled 2004
colour: very light gold.
nose: big peat, phenols, smoke, citrus, gentle yet brooding, abv noticeable, oak, vanilla, toffee, decent balance.
palate: coating, abv, touch dry.
finish: big peat and smoke, phenols, sea spray, oak, vanilla, abv noticeable, long finish, some complexity makes for decent ending.
notes: this is going to be a great whisky, right now, it’s young and one notices that fact, however, it’s still a great whisky even at this stage. it has some balance, complexity and flavours are getting primed to show their muscles. not readily available though if you get the chance, jump on it, history in the making.
touch of water helps to open this whisky up and it tastes even better.
Ardbeg 17 yr. old

colour: gold.

nose: citrus; lime & orange zest, soft peat & smoke, sea spray, gentle oak, vanilla, gentle, well balanced.

palate: sweetness, lighter than most Ardbegs

finish: gentle peat, smoke, good citrus flavour, oak, vanilla, soft caramel, long finish.

 notes: this is a great whisky, softer than most Ardbegs, citrus has more of a stage, balance, complexity and flavour make this a terrific dram. I’d buy another bottle in a heartbeat. Two thumbs up!

Ardbeg 1977


colour: gold

nose: rich peat & smoke, citrus, oak, honey, vanilla, sea spray, soft toffee, depth and balance are brilliant, very appealing, one could get lost in the nose.

palate: coating, some sweetness develops

finish: peat and smoke rumble through your mouth leaving trails of citrus, oak, honey and soft toffee in their wake. long finish.

 notes: another ‘wow’ whisky. This Ardbeg is soft yet provides excellent flavour. Balance, complexity and overall taste is simply superb. This is my favourite Ardbeg and I recommend anyone to get a bottle of this awesome whisky (make it 2 bottles if you have the funds!).

Bowmore 25 yr. old
old style, 43%
colour: dark copper.
nose: peat, rich red fruits/sherry; cherry, grape, currants, oak, vanilla, toffee/caramel, soft smoke, balanced, attractive.
palate: coating, sweet & dry.
finish:  sweet fruits, peat, oak, smoke, vanilla, caramel, soft seaspray, long finish.
notes: great dram. has good flavour, each component has it’s turn in the ‘spotlight’ on your taste buds, overall balance is there, I’d buy another bottle, Bowmore makes a great product from the 12 yr. upwards.
Laphroaig 30 yr. old
colour: dark copper.
nose: sherry/red fruits; cherry, apple, raison, dates, grape, peat, smoke, brine, salt, under current seaspray, soft oak, caramel, very well balanced and attractive.
palate: coating, sweet, peat, touch dry, smoke
finish: sweet fruits intermingling with thick peat and smoke, seaspray undercurrent washes up like a wave on the shore, soft oak holds the balance, complex, waves upon waves of flavours.
notes: this is another ‘wow’ whisky. A sherried Laphroaig that has been left to marry for 30 years. Balance & flavour is superb. It’s hard to find such fantastic whisky but if you do……buy what you can and enjoy one of the best drams of your life.
Blue Hanger 25 yr. 2nd edition
Berry Bro’s & Rudd
colour: copper.
nose: complex fruit; apples, pear, orange zest, raison, grape, peach, sherry, ginger, gentle oak & soft vanilla, caramel, very appealing.
palate: sweet, coating, spice
finish: sweet fruit explosion, oak, vanilla, spices, soft background smoke, caramel, very well balanced.
notes: terrific whisky. great flavours, well balanced. hard to come by though get a bottle if you find one. two big thumbs up!
Ichiro’s Malt, King of Diamonds 1988
card series, 56%, 555 bottles produced
colour: copper.
nose: red fruits: grape, apple, dates, raison, citrus fruit of orange, lemon, grapefruit, mint, cinnamon, malt, oak, vanilla, gentle background smoke/peat toffee, caramel, complex and very attractive, well balanced.
palate: sweet, spice, touch dry
finish: sweet fruits interlaced with a soft oak, smoke present throughout, so soft peat, honey and spice, malt, vanilla, toffee/caramel, superb balance and flavour.
notes: one of my favorite whiskies bar none. This spectacular dram has complexity, depth and great flavour. Simply superb and I’d buy every bottle if I could. This is a ‘wow’ whisky, a whisky that oozes class.
Ichiro’s Malt Ace of Spades 1985 card series
55.7%, 300 bottles produced
colour: rusted copper.
nose: sweet, juicy sherry, fruits of cherry, raison, date, aprocot, citrus, christmas cake spice, honey, oak, very small sulpher. Good nose.
palate: spice, abv, sweet, dry.
finish: massive sherry bomb that’s just so juicy it makes your mouth water, spices of cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, honey and oak appear, slight sulpher.
notes: the massive, juicy sherry is lovely, drinkable neat at 55.7%, shame there are only 300 bottles made, I’d like another!
Glenmorangie Sherry Wood
old style wood finish, 43%
colour: rich gold
nose: sweet sherry, gorgeous fruits; raison, red apple, grape, plum, oak, gentle vanilla, toffee, hints of pine, cinnamon, balanced and very attractive.
palate: coating, sweetness developes, some spice.
finish: delicious fruit flavour, pine sap, oak, vanilla, hints of toffee/caramel, cinnamon, very soft smoke background- almost inperceptable, well balanced.
notes: this is the best of the wood finishes, simply outstanding whisky, called a womens whisky in some cirles but this is what Glenmo is all about; one delicious whisky that is user friendly, well balanced and well priced. This gets a ‘top ten’ for being everything a genuine whisky should be; price, taste and balance. If you see this old style whisky anywhere, buy it by the case.
I’ll say it again; SHAME, & SHAME again for shutting down this whisky. Keep the french names (La Santa etc.) and remake this fantastic product! Shocking how one could change a classic.
Glenmorangie Burgundy Wood
old style wood finish, 43%
colour: gold.
nose: gentle sweet fruits (citrus, grape, apple, raison,), soft oak, vanilla, caramel, hints of pine. Gentle, balanced and attractive.
palate: sweet, gentle tongue buzz, touch dry.
finish: soft sweet fruits, gentle vanilla, oak, caramel and soft pine sap, touch dry, well balanced.
notes: gentle, sweet and dry whisky. Lovely dram for anyday. As mentioned, Glenmo dropped the ball when they dropped the wood finishes from their lineup. Buy what you can and enjoy these classics.